Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Observations over the years...

How women buy jewelry:

"Look at that! That's really nice. It's all handmade. Isn't that amazing? Oh, this one here. It has a little cat charm that looks just like my Mr. Squiggles. It's so cute. And look at this one! My sister would love that. She loves blue. But, oh, look there. That's like the bracelet I had when I was in college, and it broke on the night I was studying for exams with my friend Suzanne, and I never found all the pieces, and you know later that night I ended up going over to my cousin's for a party and I met Max. I should get this one. Can I try it on? Hm... I don't know, maybe, yeah I should get it. No, I guess I'll wait. It doesn't really match anything I wear now. OK. Thank you. Oh, look at this pendant. That's really interesting. How do think they made that? My Aunt Emily used to wear things like that. My mom would love this. Yes, that looks good on you. I don't know, they're all nice. Do you have one like this, but red? Do you have it in brown? Oh, really? OK. Maybe I'll come back and get it after I've looked at all the other booths."

How men buy jewelry:

"I want to spend about $50. Is that $50? Great. I'll take it. You got a box?"

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  1. So true! The ones I really love are the guys who tell their wives they have to go to the bathroom and sneak back to my booth and by the piece she liked.